From soup to main dish,
I make it carefully over time.
Beginning seasonal highland vegetable
salad, Soup that cooks slowly over time
We use plenty of seasonal ingredients.

We will bring out the original flavor of the material with natural ingredients friendly to the body, cook carefully.
Food grew up with delicious air and water in Shinshu Please feel the taste.

Breakfast menu / AM 8: 30 ~ 9: 30

ペンション想い出 お料理メニュー

Bread, salad, soup, Scrambled eggs · fried eggs · boiled eggs, fruits, Sausage · Winner, Coffee · Tea · Milk, others (Coffee is a substitute freely.)

Dinner menu / Wakayama Eclectic Full course dish

In addition to the coloring of the season, I will handmade hospitality.

  1. ペンション想い出 料理 スープ

    Seasonal soup

    It is a very popular soup made from ground and cooked stew. A popular soup among the memorable dinner menu. It changes according to the season. (There are types of pumpkin, tomato, onion, corn etc)

  2. ペンション想い出 料理 サラダ

    Shinshu highland salad

    Only delicious fresh vegetables matching the season are used. We also use plenty of non-pesticide vegetables harvested at the garden of the memorable pension. Dressing is original seasoning. Shinshu highland vegetables with a good freshness are exceptional in taste and chewiness.

  3. ペンション想い出 料理 魚料理

    fish dishes

    ☆ Example: Salt-grilled rainbow trout, wheat grilled rainbow trout, Muniel of peeled curry, direct fire of white fish, pie pack of ajibuki tuna, oven baked scallops etc. Mainly using local river fish is a recipe that makes use of the material's taste.

  1. ペンション想い出 料理 肉料理

    Meat dish

    ☆ Example: Boiled fruit of pork loin, boiled red wine of pig shoulder, meatloaf, cream sauce of bird thigh, spare rib etc. We finish with characteristic taste with various cooking methods such as boiling, burning and steaming meat of good thickness. The pension memorial cuisine goes well with wine. Please enjoy dishes and wine, or draft beer.

  2. ペンション想い出 料理 ごはん


    We will use delicious "Koshihikari" purchased directly from the partnership farmers in the prefecture. I cook it deliciously as I cook with Harimura's clean cloudless water. (Mill Rice Tailoring) Please do not hesitate to tell us in return.

  3. ペンション想い出 料理 漬物


    Pickles from Shinshu Specialty "Nozawa vegetable" "Celery".
    It is very delicious so it is also recommended for souvenirs.
    Please try by all means.

  1. ペンション想い出 料理 デザート


    It is a dessert using seasonal fruits.
    After having delicious rice, you can drink it with a sweet and refreshed dessert. It is a popular dessert using delicious fruit from Shinshu.

  2. ペンション想い出 料理 ドリンク


    We also have a variety of beverages. (More than 20 kinds from soft drinks to alcohol) "KICHIKOKO MILK JUICE" is popular! We also have wines from local (Shinano wine) from France and Germany. Draft beer after hot spring (summer only: beer beside summer) is also exceptional. * The contents of the menu change according to the season.

  3. ペンション想い出 料理 馬刺し

    Basashi from Shinshu

    If you can make a reservation in advance, we will prepare special horse sting. (+2000 yen) Please feel free to contact us.

Pension memories kitchen garden

Remembrance from the summer ahead to the autumn In my own farm, we grow highland vegetables with organic pesticide and organic fertilizer.
Perfectly natural vegetables are arranged on the table at this time.

ペンション想い出 お料理メニュー

Memories I make highland vegetable salad with vegetables that I can harvest at my own farm. (Limited time only)
Experience the taste of complete organic vegetables.
You can also harvest experience at your request. Please offer in advance.

Yatsugatake Amida Shimizu (Ayamido Saisui)

A spring water suddenly flows out as a secret as no one will go, just before the middle of Yatsugatake.
It is 100% natural Yatsugatake Shimizu which is not soiled in anything.

ペンション想い出 お料理メニュー

This coffee · water split with water is exceptional taste. Why do not you taste the mysterious water where the god of Amitabha lives? (It is really tasty!)
We will only tell you the secluded places (?) Only to our guests. (It is the backside where bears and deers will appear, (10 minutes by car from memories)
You can take it out by taking it to a plastic bottle or a polyethylene container.