Owner's greetings

ペンション想い出 会長

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Owner's greetings

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The vast Yatsugatake Central Plateau spreading out at the base of Yatsugatake. Here is the appearance of nature, as it is, which has not been developed. Please enjoy the view of the large panorama and delicious cuisine that forget the urban bustle.
It will surely be a pleasant memories of memories ,,,,,.

Thank you for seeing the homepage of the pension memo this time.
For each person how to enjoy in nature ,,,
Enjoy sports, walk nature, enjoy music, do nothing, refresh mentally and physically, leisurely at hot springs, enjoy driving, drawing, taking pictures, fishing And Shinshu Plateau provide us with a wonderful experience that can not be done in the city.
In addition, the pension remembrance is a visitor who visits many times, with a repeater rate of 85%.
Please take this natural captivation of this Harima.
And please make a lot of "memories" that will not fade away. I am pleased if you can do that.