Pension OMOIDE


391-0114 Nagano Prefecture Suwa-gun Haramura 2nd Pension Village Pension OMOIDE
TEL:0266-74-2345 / FAX:0266-74-2345
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. I am waiting for letters of write letters from the customer.
Room rate

Half-board 2 nights a night (with morning and dinner)

  Adults only / ¥ 8,500 - * Consumption tax and service charge included
  One child / ¥ 6,500 - * consumption tax - Service charge included
  Infant / free (no meal)
  ※ "Children" meals are children's food.

1 night with 1 meal included (with breakfast)

  Adults only / ¥ 6,600 -* consumption tax - Service charge included
  One child / ¥ 4,900 - * Consumption tax and service charge included
  Infant / free (no meal)
  ※ "Children" meals are children's food.

Nostalgic (no meals)

  Adults only / ¥ 4,900 - * Consumption tax and service charge included
  Children only / ¥ 4,000 - * consumption tax service charge included
  Infant / free (no meal)
  ※ "Children" meals are children's food.
There is no price increase by summer holiday, New Year's holiday, consecutive holidays etc. ※ Summer vacation, New Year, golden weekday, consecutive holidays will not be discounted.
Room with bath / toilet will cost \ 2160 - (tax included) separately.
We will present free hot spring tickets to customers who have made reservations after viewing the website right now. Please print out from below and bring it.
"Hot Spring Free Ticket Printout" (Only at night)
You can use the nearest hot-spring facilities for free.
Note 2 Customers who wish for free hot spring tickets must present the above voucher to the front desk or staff at the time of staying.
More consecutive nights get even better! To customers of 4 people or more (with meals in the morning and evening) for 2 nights or more, we will receive a Shinano wine (1 bottle of Herb Bottle)! Note 3
* Customers who wish to present should submit tickets to the front desk. Please note that it can not be presented if there is no offer.
Issuing a ticket is here →"Wine ticket print out"
Dinner: PM 6:30 - / Check in: PM 3: 00 - / Check out: ~ AM 10: 00
Incidental equipment
● Playroom (small room that you can enjoy from children to adults such as TV · manga · TV games · picture books · board games · cards · magazines etc.)
● Sled ● Sports goods (soccer ball · baseball glove · badminton etc.)
● Hammock ● Skateboard ● Others ※ Reservation of tennis courts etc will be performed on behalf of. Please contact us in advance.
To customers with pets
In the case of a dog, entry into the hall is OK, but it is only in the room. (Inside the car is acceptable) Please bring gauges for cats and small animals. Entry to the hall is OK, but we do not allow you to leave the room. Please refrain from acts that would cause inconvenience to other customers. In addition, hygienically unfavorable acts are prohibited. The owner's responsibility is to take care of the dirt and hair loss of the pet's feet. In the unlikely event that there is dirt or damage in the room due to a pet, you may receive a separate cleaning fee / repair fee. We can not assume the responsibility for the damage caused by the pet's breeding, so thank you.
About pickup
When crowded, we will pick you up to the nearest JR station (Fujimi station) or nearest express bus station (Fujimi Chuo Road), except for meal time (including preparation). Please make an appointment at the time of booking as it will be booked in advance. Please note that you can not pick up when there is no offer.