In the pension memories, 6 to 10 people size
Groups from 20 to 30 people size - We are
welcoming widely.
Circle, training camp, training, employee trip,
classroom, Support various activities such as
piano presentation To do. Parties, banquets
(forgotten / new year party),
Second party etc., to your budget Combined
hors d'oeuvres and Course dishes are also
available. Please use it by all means.

(Party budget: from ¥ 2,000 per person)
For group discounts please contact us by phone or email.
A large bus parking lot is also nearby. (Free)

  1. ペンション想い出 音楽合宿 合唱団

    "Practice & Presentation at the Cultural Park"
    Organized by a chorus group Practice, presentation, concerts are held every year at Natural Cultural Park. The number of people has increased year by year, and it has become a very fun camp.

  2. ペンション想い出 音楽合宿 合唱団

    "Chorus group indoor practice scenery"
    Organized by a chorus group
    A splendid singing voice is the result of daily practice. It is a practice of using the grand piano in the living room. Charges are also possible, so please contact us.

  3. ペンション想い出 音楽合宿 結婚式

    "Wedding at Canadian Rockies"
    (15 minutes on foot from memorial · 5 minutes by car)
    A wedding ceremony was held for the memories of customers. It was a wonderful wedding at home that invited family and friends. In my memories I will prepare for the second party.

  1. ペンション想い出 音楽合宿 歓迎会

    "BBQ party at the barbeque garden"
    We welcome employee 's welcome reception party, the year - end party of the workplace and launch. Advance reservation is required when using the barbecue garden.

  2. ペンション想い出 音楽合宿 ゲストコンサート

    "Salon concert with greeting guest"
    Various events are possible at the memorable lounge. Charges are accepted, so please feel free to contact us. There is a grand piano in the memorable lounge. Please use it by all means, such as presentations.

  3. ペンション想い出 音楽合宿 テニスサークル

    "Tennis Circle Everyone"
    (15 minutes walk from tennis court, 2 minutes by car) There are many village tennis courts in Harumura, so you can do club activities and camps reasonably. After practice refresh with "Momi no yu". (1 min walk from the tennis court)

  1. ペンション想い出 音楽合宿 研修会

    Concerts, workshops, study sessions, parties etc are possible using the lounge of the pension memorial.

  2. ペンション想い出 音楽合宿 クラシックコンサート

    "Yatsugatake Natural Cultural Park Great Hall"

    Every year, music lovers such as classical concerts and jazz concerts gather from all over the country. If you are concerned about the concert inquiry please.